Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

What a day? And how fantastic did you look? Your wedding dress is one of your most treasured possessions. It is such a shame to simply store it in the spare room, garage or loft where moisture and perspiration can become locked in and over the years cause staining to the fabric and damage to the fibres. Dry Green can help ensure that whenever you reminisce about that fantastic occasion your memories are brought to life by a professionally dry cleaned and carefully boxed wedding gown by our wedding dress dry cleaning professionals.

At Dry Green, we can give you peace of mind – we combine specialist dry cleaning experience and cutting edge technology to bring a more superior dry clean than that of traditional dry cleaners – avoiding toxic chemicals and high temperatures that can damage delicate fabrics and beading.

Once dry cleaned we can preserve your dress in a specialist box complete with acid paper that will preserve its majesty for generations. Our wedding dress boxes are unique and stunningly beautiful – the perfect storage option to compliment your gown.

To use our free collection and delivery service please complete our online order form or contact us to discuss any specific requirements or concerns you may have.

Before You Buy Your Wedding Dress

We know it sounds obvious, but please always check that your wedding dress can be dry cleaned – there are dresses out there that cannot so please always check the care label.

If your wedding dress has had beads or sequins added after it was tailored please check this does not affect the cleaning instructions on the care label. Some beads and sequins can ‘melt’ when put into dry cleaning solvents. Please take extra care if any beads are added.

Always store your wedding dress away from light as UV rays can cause dyes in the fabric to become unstable and run when dry cleaned.

On Your Wedding Day

Accidents will happen and if you should spill something on your wedding dress NEVER rub it. Blot the stain with a colour free napkin. Rubbing causes damage to the fabric and can result in faded areas after dry cleaning.

We have invested in the latest technology and solvents that can gently lift even the most stubborn of stains out of the most delicate of materials.

Most importantly, enjoy your day! Don’t worry about your wedding dress. Dry Green will do that for you after the event.

After Your Wedding Day

Have your wedding dress dry cleaned as soon as possible after your big day. Stains that are left on fabrics can oxidise and cause long term damage that is (unfortunately) irreversible.

  • We are specialist and professional wedding dress dry cleaners
  • We don’t use toxic chemicals or high temperatures which can damage delicate fabrics
  • We use specialist solvents and the latest technology for a truly deep clean
  • We have a hi-tech stain removal service to restore your wedding dress to its pre-worn glory

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